3D Scenes

A small collection of demos, experiments, and prototypes made with Threlte. You can find all the code and tinker with the scenes directly in the embed or by opening them in a new tab.

Bad Sphere

A series of trigonometry mistakes resulted in some beautiful geometry. Visualized with instanced points.

Orbital Chaos

Visualize the path of three rigid bodies as they orbit around static points of gravity.

Procedural Tree Generator

Create procedural trees, based on an H-Tree pattern and recursive adjustments at each level.

Space Shooter

A proof-of-concept game to build and test Threlte components for FlyControls, CannonRig, and Turret.

Rocinante Scrolly-telling

Demo using Threlte, svelte-scroller, and a package I made 'svelte-sequence' to animate a 3D scene while scrolling.

N-Body Simulation

Simulate n-body interactions using Threlte <Attractor /> components plus configurable settings.